US-based Cameroonian RnB singer and upcoming star, Tirajai releases the long-awaited video of CIRCLES, his fourth and most loved video.

Tirajai is a young Cameroon singer who has kept the music industry entertaining with very cool and classy songs ever since he left the country to the diaspora.

Even though music might be a hard knock to crack by other Cameroonians especially when they are  away from home, the kid has been able to give back to back; at least releasing two videos every year with audio singles.

The young romantic singer better known for his love stories and style, repeats same mode in Circle in a more cinematic and affectionate approach.

Circle is one of Tirajai’s best music videos so far. Produced by his day one music producer Method J and directed by Isaac Elstoen, an American video director, the video is the second most powerful clips he has released since he left for the US.

A low-key video clip with so much details on it, the video is shot all indoors with lot of romantic love scenes.

Circles is simply the perfect song for the month as Val’s day is just few hours away. Girls will find it very easy to relate with Tirajai’s story line in the video more than men.

Watch, share and leave your comments with how you feel about the song and how you intend to treat your partner on Valentine’s Day.

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