Askia – Tat’ Obaseh

by Kini Wolfgang
Born Askia Orinji in Limbe, Cameroon on June 6, 1993, urban music phenomenon Askia’s very life is a medley of cultures that is expressed in her music. Her father, a Nigerian lives in Lagos while her mother from Cameroon is based in GermanyAs young girls, Askia and her sister grew up listening to various genres of music like Cameroonian Makossa, Nigerian High-Life, German Techno/Funk and, of course, American Hip Hop Now a nascent musical star, she has succeeded in blending the sounds of her multi-cultural heritage to create an ear-caressing sound she calls Afro-Urban music. She sings, she raps, she dances – she has it all. Fresh from signing a record deal with American music label Sieni Brothers, Askia has just released her latest single “Tat-Obasseh” (roughly translated as “God has blessed me” from the Barondo dialect) amidst rave reviews. Watch this space. Audio produce in Cameroon from one of the best Studios in the country, Track Zone Records and the video directed by Adrenaline still from the south west region of Cameroon, Tat’Obaseh is her first single from her album. She has other tracks in the pipelines coming up this Match 2014.Shooting three videos with adrenaline…same guy who shot the first one she told the KFM reporter.
There is no doubt of her, she has come to stay in the business… remember the industry can only grow with your comments


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