I Am not up to a year on a microphone ..afe nkap by Ngoma

by Kini Wolfgang
His real is name Ngoma, but because of the popularity he has , his fans preferred calling him 50frs Ngoma. He is based in Limbe Town, but from the north west region of cameroon precisely from Awing a clan bless with soil fertility. He dropped out from the university of Yaounde 2 reason not explicit and now studying computer engineering online probably computer programming and web designing. ‘’ afe Nkap is my first.. and first track I did on a microphone but I had been writting songs.. never recorded any.. until Afe Nkap’’ he told the KFM reporter. Audio produced by JayJay, a Varsity artist and video produced by the one and only pioneering current video director, Adah Akenji, from aMUSIC. When asked what inspired him before realising the afe nkap single, he told the magazine that ‘’ Hustle.. actually the first song I ever recorded in my life. and back then I was high on hustle spirit.. just wanted everyone to feel that vivlbe’’

Music in the recent years has developed, not that were people believe being a musician, you must necessary have a good voice or has attended a music school. Ngoma is a made artist but if not carefully examined with 3d glasses , people will see him as an old school artist. Last year 2013, was his first time to stand inside a vocal box with his audio director JayJay telling him what to do. ‘’ I have been in the industry since my debut in June 2013 so its just some few moths’’ he told the magazine. ‘’ if i may guest, you are about a year older in the music field? The KFM reporter asked him ‘’ Let me say i am years old.. but me being recognised as an artist its just 7 months now.. but u can say a year because I began raping in clubs while I was still in high school.. but I recorded no track’’ he told the magazine


The KMF reporter from Yaounde went as far as asking him ‘’ do you have anything coming ? he told the reporter that ‘’ Yes I have a new track coming up tittled “Kamer Obosso to be produce by DJ PAZZO” . DJ PAZZO who is also an artist, has produced many artist in the country including Magasco (gari gari,kumba market,fine boy etc), Ghasa (this life, kaki mbere), B2l.


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