Jovi breaks the record again with his new video,BASTARD

by Kini Wolfgang
He is an artist from the new bell music. Jovi aka le montre works in the band alongside Reniss, the Cameroon Singer with the most hardest voice presently in the showbiz. His single came out when he released the DON 4 KWAT video, from his first album HIV. Don 4 Kwat paved the path to the Cameroon contemporary musicians and the country’s music industry. If Cameroon is know in hip hop today, it because Jovi made it real. Letteron, ending 2013, he removed his single video still from the HIV album “bush faller” featuring one of the Cameroon veteran artist Eko Roosevelt.
Jovi with his music band New Bll Music and one and only video producer February I6th, has done it again with his new BASTARD video produced by the Le Montre himself.

BASTARD’s audio was produced last year 2013 featuring Reniss a band artist. Jovi’s beats are always one of drawing analysis on, that is why somes Djs are sometimes wander where he buy, order or download his plugins that they haven’t seen it anywhere. Feel Hiphop from new bell music is like feeling tracks from the American. ‘Bigup Jovi’ fans has send to him, ‘keep up’ ‘the boss’ ‘pioneer’ ‘you have break the records’ are some of the expressions his fans are sending to him.


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