lack of investors, markets, sponsors are not the main draw backs of the Cameroon Entertainment’ Industry : Penjo Baba, Etta Rene, West Don…..tells the truth-part 2

penjo baba original

Penjo Baba is a CEO/Producer/Director/Consultant/Community Developer at Penjo Photography/Videography .He holds an opposite view as many other  entertainers that markets, investors and sponsors  are not the main drawbacks of the entertainment industry in Cameroon.

here is what Penjo said…..

I think we have all the equipment at Penjo Entertainment The PowerHouse that is ready to do any movie, quality is assured… Now what’s lacking is the good and original stories, actors, directors, script writers do need to go down to work as to what are the real stories that can make a difference in our society, the actors need to be original and don’t do copy work from Nigerian actors…

The CFI board is not up to the task including the actors guild, all the guilds are simply a name and the ground work to put each and every actor, producer, director is lacking because they board members including the board chair are not working as a team. They need to do things professionally, but to me, it’s just because most of these people are not ready in their hearts and not sure of this industry, that’s why they are just there for names and power fighting and careless about the industry and its people.

The necessary things to do is to put the guilds into action. As of now, there is no way an actor, producer, director will be sure of any guild if they cannot proudly cover any of them with a document, pro badge that they can proudly use anywhere that is recognized by anybody in Cameroon or around the world. All of these because there is no accountability, no report, no transparency, no communication, the leaders go around different groups of actors to tighten their names and position for these groups of young and upcoming aspiring actors to adore them with no hopes of how to move forward.

The truth is, individually, we need to get down and chose in our hearts if we really want to do this and then go through the normal way which is learn the ethics, understand what it takes, put in our best through a team work, to be able to work with one spirit which is to see that we have we do great and quality movies… The PJPowerHouse has put in place the best equipments for film which are the first of its kind in Cameroon, and is ready to work with anybody who is ready…”

etta rene

Rene Etta is a film maker a creative designer . he has won several ward for the country for the past years. He is the first Anglophone film maker who  has pave the way for them to follow

here is what Etta said…..

“Film makers should focus more on their creativity and make films that can cross boarders because investors cannot come in to put their money in projects with no future many tried before but their money went to waste, so if film makers want to attract corporate investors today, they need to be better organize, more original, creative and push themselves harder to deliver films that surprise with quality beyond Cameroon. This way we start impressing Cameroonians, gain more international recognition and film makers can achieve more influence that will be able to make them and their projects more viable for investors since the investors will be sure about their returns, we cannot expect more if we don’t up our quality and visions”.

“Today i was so disturbed when i read a comment on a Cameroonian’s wall about a film she watched. Her disappointment is clear, and one such disgruntled person can impact millions more. So we film makers must be careful what kinds of films we put out there, one bad film could affect 100 great ones that no body might be willing to even go watch”. “Here bellow is the lady’s comment copied from her wall read for yourself and tell me how some one disappointed like this could advice a capable investor to partner with the industry”…………. “Chai Cameroonian them wona di act film ,massa film dey like joke ;abeg wona beg Nigerians their skills and talents ; film no get head nor tail shame fit kill me; the grammar sef na die ; this one dey like script writer sef forget ei story line ;abeg abeg wona lef that thing;make we concentrate for damba ;film na Niaja and Ghana hahahahahahahahahhah”

west don

West Don an urban artist and the best dance-floor singer in Cameroon. He reluctantly refused to shot up his mouth in order to let the nation know the truth. Though other artist may be seeing it like a pay matter, West was not in any laughing terms with anybody. He places more charges on the government and if not draw back, he may reach the president.

here is what West said…..

First of all the government has no serious rules that can encourage the culture, I mean like to make sure every public media should respect 80% of local content and 20% of rest of the world!!! This alone will create a great chance for all local stuff to be popular and will attract investors. And when investors comes in,, the industry will blow over night…

Fominka Nestoral

Fominka Nestoral is a very devoted architect of the  entertainment industry. He is a D.O.P and also movie actor, producer, writer and also a board member of the CFI. He hold the views  like Penjo Baba.

here is what West said…..

The very first thing is sponsorship, then marketing but we equally have power tussle which is equally playing low on the industry. Incidents like what is happening at SOCAM, is about to happen in CFI. From some mouths to ear gossips, it  shows that people are not in accord with the board chair. Even some facebook comments and post go along way to proof it. We do produce quality movies in this country but spend some of the time that would have been used to lobby funds, get the marketing going and others thing to fight among ourselves for POWER.

end of part 2

A woman can not put to birth without being pregnant. That is what is going on now with the Cameroon Entertainment industry today. I believe we are out of the Demo skills of production. Let those who are competent lead and we shall follow for a man’s gray is not a sign of wisdom. The are advancement in this field everyday and we need to take into consideration how competitive this business is.        KINI WOLFGANG



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