Moma Pascal becomes the first president of the refurbish NAGCAM

Moma Pascal Gami
by Kini Wolfgang
Moma Pascal is from the North West Region of Cameroon and he is the president of the National Actors Guild Of Cameroon (NAGCAM). NAGCAM is an entity under the Cameroon Film Industry(CFI), just as any other guild aimed at protecting the crews and the actors like the producers guild, editors guild etc. Being a president in any of this guilds under the CFI, entails a lot of hard work , passion and good leadership the people have for you .Moma Pascal has been an actor for over 12 years featuring in many films with and without actors from the country.
On 12 October 2013, the first ever democratic election was conducted in Limbe, South West Region at Trinity Hotel and Moma Pascal was elected president by the majority of votes. The elections were not all it required to be the boss of that office but the installation proper. On November same year, he was installed in to his functions at Azam Hotel, Bamenda. The CFI is a competitive one now that her films has been requested and recognised internationally. Mr. Moma Pasacl as of now will need to work extremely hard to see that the rights and duties of the actors are respected so as to meet the required demand . The growth of the CFI rest on his shoulders till his terms of office comes to an end, who for others is a Gods send president.
The aims of the NAGCAM are as follows ; to protect the actors from their officials, to see that the right of the actors are respected against any stakeholders. For one to win the trust of the people, that means they believe he or she is competent and can lead them. Mr. Moma Pascal is a business man resident in Yaounde as of now.


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