Official release of ”Zombie” by Mr.Treevix aka CorrectBoy

Mr Treevix
By Kini Wolfgang
rap, r&b and Makossa tunes are what the Cameroonian contemporary artist are coming up with in unique styles and brands. Last 2013, Mr Treevix released his single entitle Zombie produced by DJ Arraize from the Hit Production , based in Bamenda. Mr.Treevix started his music career as a rapper but because of scrambling of clubs songs, he diverted his talents into singing which again for the young star is like a rehash of his dreams.
He belongs to an entertainment hood in the city of B’da known as Correct Boys entertainment. He is also a student at one of the institution in the Hood of B’da. He has feature in many song with artist like Diddy Boy ”Rock Party” Dj Arraize ”Bad man” and many other artist from the city. Zombie has been parading the corridoors of all the night clubs in the cities of Bamenda , Douala.
Zombie by Mr:Treeviv


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