OfficialVideo: Kut Cafe by T-Paul produced by Liv Bug: BMG

The north west Region of Cameroon would always be famous because of her number of entertainers in the country’s entertainment industry.Despite the fact that Jovi (Le Montre) is the king of the Cameroon Afro rap, other artists from his region, still hopes to challenge him with the new rap they got as dope rap.They started with the name as Backyard Music but the because of the musical evolution in the entertainment world, they changed it to BMG. Audio produce by the Bemenda Brain DJ Area killer Beatz and video produce by Liv Bug, another strong Video crew in the area, is the long awaited video kut cafe by T Paul.

A few months ago, he testifies to kfm that the video will soon be out and now, he fulfills the promise. T Paul as most of the artists in Bamenda are saying, is a microphone wizard with his unique style in singing, rapping etc. T Paul is originally from Nkambe with real names as Tata Paul. He has this love for the Cameroonians that can only be express via his talent that’s why he likens his ideology of music to the entire population by singing in pidgin English and he does most of his choruses in his dialect.

Rhyming alongside great artists like Daddy Cool , Xzyt, Dee Maine, Magasco, Chicnick, Mbo, B2l, Eras etc. is one of the pro-founders of the famous logo e ba keh ba, a mother tongue language phrase aimed at boasting.

Today many Cameroonian music lovers are babbling their lips and even threatening to go to the polls to know who is raw in rap between him and the senior rap gods. But come to think of this, from this song kut cafe by T Paul and his other tracks, can he stand on the mic with Jovi?


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