Brand New: Vumomsé Expands Coverage Scope In His New Release. Just For Me

In a continuously evolutionary gospel music mindset, typical of him,  Vumomsé has wheeled from a new angle with his latest singleJust for Me.

Unlike virtually all of his previous releases, served in afro-pop style, Just for Me comes in pure classical worship fashion. The different twist is not by chance, but by the making of the USA-based Cameroonian contemporary gospel artist, who thinks he had long owed the outer and bigger audience.

Just for Me to be officially released on Thursday, May 23, 2019, is a semblance of western-styled worship, also affectionately enjoyed by the African audience, curiously. It fits squarely into the global music spectrum.

Says Vumomse: “I noticed my Afro beats tracks were mostly covering the African music space, with a disturbingly limited purchase and consumption rate by gospel music lovers from other parts of the world. Making music that makes sense across the board through Just for Me was therefore imperative.”

In this world class gospel music piece, notice how Vumomsé invests much energy in singing versus vocalization he effectively displayed in the beats-pronounced Afro-pop songs.

Vumomsé who believes in the evolution of gospel music and that the genre should be made enticing enough to ease the transmission of the Word, has an album to his credit and six singles. He is known to release a single every three to four months.

Just for Me is produced by Herb The Artist & Egbe and will be available upon release on all online platforms.


Genre: Classical worship

Band: Project One Digital Studio band

Video director: Fiston (Thirty 6 Vision Studios)

Music label: Solid Rock Ent.

Producer: Herb The Artist (Project One Digital Studios, Detroit Michigan), Egbe (Mega Music Studios Inc.)

Video Release date: Thursday, May 23, 2019





SnapChat: VumomseOfficial

Email: or


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